In the studio

We catch up with Juliette Makhlouf as she prepares her latest works for public consumption

Interview, In the studio

All of these works are formed of abstracted colours, but some show figures dancing among the colour. Where are you taking the inspiration for these from?
I have many styles and these two works showing dancers are slightly different from my style. Inspired from where? I don’t know. But I don’t concentrate on them, I have other styles of painting that I find more interesting. Particularly the completely abstract works where I focus on textures. It’s a very free style here, not realistic but something else. I make a series, repeating one element over and over again. I feel very close and comfortable to these works and almost want to thank whatever has given me the inspiration to create them.

How do you start on one of these abstracted works?
People often ask me about the two works that I’ve titled ‘Heart’ and ‘Soul’. They say there is no difference between the heart and soul. But I made ‘Heart’ very slowly. I planned it, whereas the soul came suddenly and very continuously. It didn’t stop and I wanted to continue as more power comes into my hands. These are two ways that I find my paintings form. One work gives you the inspiration for the next. The inspiration comes once and you feel like you continue something and you are building. It has a soul and you base it on what you have done.

You say you find the abstract works more interesting, why is that?
People react very well to these works with the dancers, but to me as an artwork I feel there is more value in the abstract. To me, I really admire the effort that exists in a painting. If you want to make something that has a meaning, it’s difficult. To find a beauty, a real aesthetic value. That makes it’s more difficult. So you are painting from your inner feeling and you’re more loyal to yourself. That’s how I see these works.
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