Blood Deeper Than Shadows

Green Art Gallery continues its good work in Dubai

Syrian photographer Laila Muraywid sculpts and shoots. She shapes texturous resin forms into mossy and elemental sculptures that adorn her subjects’ bodies. These shapes bring something organic into the images – they appear like shards of raw earth or rock.

This collection of Muraywid’s photographic works are accompanied by the sculptures and this complements the sensuality of her style. From what we’ve seen, these creations save Muraywid’s works from falling into the bracket of being just another set of photographs. While there’s nothing wildly new here in composition, the works have an air of silence and concealment to them. In a number of images, her subjects use the resin sculptures to cover or veil their faces. Like Venetian masks that have been wrought straight from the earth, Muraywid then photographs to emphasise the antiquated and rustic world she invites us into.

As we’ve said, some of these drift a little too far into familiar territory (there are one or two graveyard shots hanging around in here) but her dialogue with sculpture and magnetic sensuality really marks out a number of Muraywid’s works from the deluge of photography.

Green Art Gallery (044 344 9888), May 9-June 25.

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