Dubai's Etihad Museum to open by the end of 2016

Time Out has pictures, location details and other information for Dubai's Etihad Museum, to open by the end of 2016

The UAE may be a relatively new country but there is plenty of history and culture that preceded the unification of the Emirates into one single nation.

So in true Dubai style, the city’s upcoming Etihad Museum will be a fusion of old and new, combining state-of-the-art architectural designs with exhibitions paying tribute to Emirati traditions and culture.

Located under the 123-metre tall UAE flagpole on the junction of Jumeirah Road and 2nd of December Street (see map below - in front of Al Hudaiba Awards Building), Etihad Museum is being built at the exact point where Emirati leaders met 44 years ago to agree on the formation of the United Arab Emirates.

Future visitors can look forward to interactive exhibits which will include old photos, footage and documents from 1968 to 1974, all showcasing the birth of the nation in emphatic style.

All exhibitions, educational programmes and other activities will be managed by Dubai Culture, the same governmental body behind iconic heritage sites such as Al Fahidi District and Hatta Heritage Village.

Although the inauguration date is yet to be confirmed, Time Out believes UAE National Day on December 2 will be the chosen day due to its symbolic importance, as it marks the 45th anniversary of the country’s official formation.

Initially dubbed Union Museum, the cultural centre is now being referred to as the Etihad Museum, which is an approximate translation of union or unison.

“Etihad Museum celebrates the dedication and patriotism of our nation’s founders and invites individuals from all walks of life to follow their example in nation building. The museum will focus upon the political history and personal stories at a major event in the nation’s founding — that of the unification of the emirates in 1971,” chairman of Dubai Culture Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Owais told Gulf News.

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