José Carreras at Dubai Opera

Time Out has a review and information on José Carreras at Dubai Opera, performing on Saturday October 8

It’s impossible to play down the effect Dubai Opera is having on this city, an ever-expanding metropolis that’s synonymous with, for better or worse, modernity and the nouveau riche.

The majestic new venue and the scores of international musical icons and institutions flocking to the stage are essentially a slap in the face to all those who call into question the city’s ‘culture’ and ‘soul’.

So let’s all embrace it, regardless of whether you think the opera or anything relating to the fine arts is ‘just not for you’.

José Carreras’ upcoming Dubai Opera performance is the perfect occasion to experience something which may seem archaic and highbrow at first, but will quickly win you over with its innate beauty and clout.

To those of you who’ve never heard of Carreras, know that he’s considered one of the finest voices of his generation and was once part of the legendary operatic trio The Three Tenors, alongside countryman Placido Domingo and the late Luciano Pavarotti.

The 69 year old sang to a packed Dubai Opera on Tuesday night and will take to the stage again on Saturday 8 for his final performance ever in the city. We say “ever” because these two recitals are part of his A Life in Music show, his last world tour.

So if you’re lucky enough to attend this weekend, prepare to be enthralled by how the Catalan tenor’s voice fills the concert hall with power and passion, with not a microphone or speaker in sight.

Carreras is accompanied on stage by superb female sopranos Salome Jicia and Nataliya Kovalova, who interpret memorable duets with him, singing songs that even classical musical amateurs hummed and clapped along to on Tuesday.

All this to the tune of string quartet maestros Opera Petite Ensemble and highly acclaimed pianist Lorenzo Bavaj, all adding to the musical feast that led to several standing ovations and encores.

All in all, it’s a no brainer for Saturday’s concert. You don’t have to be an opera expert or someone with friends in high places. Carreras’ concert is a celebration of centuries of musical culture that everyone can appreciate.

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