Pictures of the amazing new street art graffiti at d3

Time Out has the first pictures of the amazing new street art graffiti at d3 (Dubai Design District) by Marwan Shakarchi, known as myneandyours

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Hardly a week goes past in this city without an awesome new mural popping up.

This time it’s actually a whole car park entrance at Dubai Design District that’s been given an awe-inspiring artistic revamp.

A setting which previously couldn’t have been more nondescript is now a star-studded universe with neon colours, planetary marvels and some supercool astronauts (make sure to scroll though all the pictures above!).

All thanks to Marwan Shakarchi, aka myneandyours.

The Iraqi British artist has been gracing walls across Dubai with his creative abilities and signature smiling clouds since he moved to the city three years ago.

Perhaps his most famous work in the UAE is in Sharjah, a mural that takes up the entire side of a building in Al Khan in Sharjah with dozens of his cloud symbols, put together as a multicoloured collage.

But his latest work is arguably more impressive, especially when considering how much time and effort he’s put into it.

“32 nights, 740 man hours, 18 walls, 1840sq metres, 620 stencils, 560 clouds, 50000 stars, 288 litres of paint, 150 cans, 1 massage and a visit to A&E", Shakarchi wrote on his Instagram profile after completing the painstaking task.

“Photos will never do this justice. Find it at the entrance to the car park of building 6, opposite building 9. “

Shakarchi is also seen in many photos with his friend David Mottek, with whom he worked on the project.

Myneandyours has named this project "The Greatest of Mysteries", a quote from celebrated American astronomer Carl Sagan, and said the following about this, most likely his chef d’oeuvre:

“My latest installation in the most unlikely of places sent me past the vast emptiness of space and time, and deep into the unknown. This wasn't just a wall, this wasn't just eighteen walls, this was a string of moments tied together through the unfathomable surrender to the wonder of the cosmos.”

And in case you’re wondering how Shakarchi came up with his moniker, he’s previously said: “The name started off just as Myne, because it was a personal project, something I was doing for my own release. I was creating the work for myself and it was a way to vent.

“But afterwards it became about my audience, so ‘yours’ is a message to them.”

That pretty much sums up what kind of artist Shakarchi is. Now go to d3 and enjoy the masterpiece with everyone you know!

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