Mawaheb art feature unveiled at DXB

Commissioned work illustrates life and times at Dubai International


A specially commissioned piece of art has been unveiled at DXB, following the launch of the ArtDXB partnership with charitable art studio Mawaheb From Beautiful People – which works exclusively with adults with special needs.

Mawaheb provides an opportunity to develop life skills through art, while demonstrating that everyone can be creative in their own unique way. The exhibition at DXB aims to bring a distinct creative energy to Dubai International while showcasing the talent, passion and determination within the local community.

The partnership between Mawaheb and Dubai International will showcase the work of Mawaheb artists to millions of passengers passing through DXB every year. At DXB Terminal 3, a specially commissioned piece by a young Emirati artist, Abdullah Lutfi, was unveiled. Lufti uses cartoon-esque landscape illustrations to portray scenes of Dubai lifestyle, and his piece for DXB appropriately reflects the busy nature of the airport, coupling in the range of things to see and do around the terminals and neighbouring area.

Speaking to an artist at the opening event for ArtDXB, it was clear to see the positive impact Mawaheb has on young adults with learning or physical disabilities. The studio empowers people creatively and gives a voice and a platform to express themselves.

Sharan Anil, a young Mawaheb artist with muscular dystrophy, gave a talk about his condition and how the art centre has enabled him to reach his dreams. Diagnosed aged nine and in a wheelchair by 16, Anil had to be carried to the first floor of school to attend classes, and was forced to re-evaluate his dreams of becoming a pilot.

“Art gives me an element of control,” he said. “There’s nothing intimidating about a blank canvas, I’m not afraid of it. My message is one of strength and hope, always dream, but don’t be afraid to modify your dream. Just never stop dreaming.

Now, Anil dreams of becoming a motivational speaker, and uses art to channel his creativity, build confidence and reduce stress levels.

A lot of the work created by Mawaheb artists is collaborative, which encourages the development of communication skills and the confidence of each artist; but what is most evident is the passion and talent that emanates from Mawaheb’s artists. We’d thoroughly encourage visiting the Mawaheb workshop in Bur Dubai; and taking a moment to visit the commissioned piece in DXB Terminal 3 the next time you’re on your way though.

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