GIF-iti street artist coming to Dubai’s City Walk

INSA takes GIFs to the next level, with huge installation on December 15 and 16

It’s called GIF-iti, and this weekend in City Walk, you’ll have the chance to check out a seriously amazing exhibition currently being put together.

INSA is an artist who aims to blur the lines between the physical and digital world with a lot of his work. Similar to stop animation, his projects take place over multiple days and (sometimes) huge areas, with photographs taken at regular intervals to create, in essence, GIF-able works of art.

In recent years, INSA has laid claim to the world’s largest painting – a project in Rio de Janeiro covering nearly 60,000 sq ft and filmed courtesy of a camera stuck on the International Space Station, producing a cool GIF that can now be seen around the world. Check it out below.

“Originally it was to do with online vs offline, and I thought that even if my paintings existed in real life, more people would see them on the internet, in a virtual space,” he says, speaking to Time Out Dubai.

Now, INSA’s physical-to-digital art has come full circle, and by heading to City Walk this weekend, you’ll be able to see his static painting come to life using augmented reality, which will use a smartphone or tablet camera to add a whole new dimension to his real-life art.

“If you search for Gif-iti in the App Store and view one of my murals through the app, you’ll get the full augmented reality animation,” he says. “So this is really giving people the sort of security blanket of being able to use their phone while still enjoying art in a public space, so it’s encouraging people back outside again to enjoy art.”

So what is it all about? INSA’s latest project in Dubai, in partnership with the Syfy Channel and OSN, is only around for this weekend, and he says it’s different to anything that’s been done before. Two shipping containers form the canvas, and INSA is creating “a portal to another universe”. Consider us officially intrigued.

“The brief was to create a universe, well, actually, to create a universe in a box. So we got these two shipping containers, and I’m painting another dimension inside these containers. I like to think of it as a portal to another universe. Because I’m trying to play with not just three dimensions, but the fourth dimension, too, if you consider the time effect I’m going for.”

While the piece is being made, INSA is sharing his progress with a CGI specialist in New York, who is working on something special for the installation, which you can view outside The Green Planet in City Walk on Friday December 15 and Saturday 16.

“Once you have art on a scale in front of you, it’s way better than 600 pixels on a screen.”

And that’s why we can’t wait to go check it out. Have a look at the video below to see the creation coming together:

Dec 15-16. Outside The Green Planet, City Walk, Al Safa Street,

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