Dubai’s whopping new library making speedy progress

Mohammed bin Rashid Library set to open in the next six months


Literature lovers are in luck, as Dubai will soon have 66,000 sq m, seven-story library. Mohammed bin Rashid Library is set to open within the next six months, resembling an open book perched atop a Rehl (a traditional lectern which holds the Qur’an).

The library will house more than 4.5 million books, and will include seven areas for interaction, events, activities and educational and cultural festivals.

The plans for the library were announced in July 2013 as a project to serve the educational, societal and tourism movements, as well as serving as a forum for a mixture of cultural services including library presentations, documentaries and lectures from all over the world.
Its structure alone is an architectural phenomenon, with the main building composing of seven storeys and a central warehouse for storing books.

The Rehl structure symbolises the way a library carries and preserves the cultural treasures of a nation in the form of literature, periodicals and audio visual media.

The library itself will contain an information centre, an Arabic library, a popular library, a children’s library, a family library, international library, media library, visual and auditory publications and internet services, a young adult library, study rooms, conference rooms and more.
The library is situated in Al Jaddaf, and promises to see book-lovers, architecture fans and culture-seekers flocking in their droves.

All going well, we should be up to the eyes in wonderful books by mid-2018.
Al Jaddaf, Dubai Creek. For more information go to

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