Shaolin Warriors to karate kick their way into Dubai Opera

Get to know the masters taking to the Opera stage this month

ART & CULTURE, Theatre
ART & CULTURE, Theatre

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the Shaolin Warriors at Dubai Opera later this month (February 27 – March 3).

And after hearing the credentials of the cast, our excitement (and slight fear) only continues to mount.

For while these men are technically here for our entertainment, they could realistically kill us as soon as look at us (though we’re sure we’re safe in our Opera seats).

Cast member Zichao Lu has been practicing Shaolin Kung Fu since he was six years old and is a southern-style boxing and long-handled chopper knife champion.

If that’s not impressive enough, he also came fourth in Chinese kickboxing during Shandong Province Sports Games.

Meanwhile, Shuo Wang has a gold and a silver medal from the 2017 National Martial Arts Competition and also won the first place during the 2008 Shandong Province Championship of Chinese Kickboxing – as well as being pretty handy with a drunken sword.

Also dishing out the karate chops will be Dawei Zhai who is a Shaolin stick fighting master and boxer who has performed Shaolin Kung Fu for over 200,000 audiences from almost 200 cities across the world.

The Shaolin Warriors - The Kung Fu Masters brings the remarkable skill, stunning movement and deadly martial-arts prowess to stages throughout the world.

The show follows the journey of a young child’s warrior initiation to achieving full warrior status through diligent training and study.

Throw in some stunning scenery, atmospheric music and a ton of flying kicks and you’ll get the gist.

We can’t wait to see the masters lay it down.
From Dhs195. Feb 27-Mar 3. Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai,

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