This car park in d3 has had a graffiti-style makeover

Iraqi-British street artist Marwan Shakarchi strikes again

An unsuspecting car park in Dubai Design District has been given an awe-inspiring artistic revamp by none other than Marwan Shakarchi.

Known as @myneandyours on Instagram, the street artist has made an amazing mural inspired by mankind’s endangerment of the ocean.

The entrance of the car park in building 2 at d3 is now shaded with a brightly–coloured aquatic blue, and depicts a diver encountering sea life – but not in the nicest of ways.

On one of his images, Shakarchi quotes @pangeaseed – an international movement about environmental change: “By 2100, more than half of the world’s marine species may stand on the brink of extinction.”

Shakarchi started out working in the corporate world, and began his rebellious career by making stickmen and placing them throughout the city.

The Iraqi-British artist has since been gracing walls across Dubai with his creative abilities and signature smiling clouds since he moved to the city.

He even made it on to a Time Out Dubai magazine cover back in 2016.

Check out more of his masterpieces through his Instagram along with our previous story on Shakarchi.
Building 2 car park, Dubai Design District.

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