London art house opens in the UAE

Fortune Favours Art features some of the world's most sought-after contemporary and street art

Ever see a masterpiece of art from a famed artist, and feel just desperate to have it? With the arrival of Fortune Favours Art in the UAE, owning an exciting modern piece is within reach (if you've got the cash).

The London-based conceptual art house has opened in the UAE, giving residents access to some of the world's best-known contemporary artists and providing a space for local Middle Eastern artists to showcase their work to global collectors.

The launch of the new branch will raise awareness of global art, along with making ‘a platform to showcase local talent’ in the UAE.

Whether you’re looking to buy a piece or simply meandering through the all the famed art, head over to to see it all.

You may see a ticking timer while you’re there, which is counting down to the official launch of the first line-up of work. According to the site, visitors will see what’s on offer on Thursday August 30.

The company has collaborated with the likes of Banksy, Richard Hambleton, John-Michel Basquiat, Harland Miller, KAWS, the Connor Brothers, Damien Hirst, Ben Eine – the list just goes on.

All of these artist’s masterpieces and more will be accessible to UAE entrepreneurs, art connoisseur and anyone else interested.

It isn’t all virtual though, as the brand is also planning its first physical exhibition in Dubai sometime in the last quarter of 2018.

Founder of Fortune Favours Art and British entrepreneur Louis Wright said: “Dubai has built a reputation as the hub for art in the region and the city recently announced its allocation of 11.5 acres for art spaces, galleries and creative businesses.

“As a newcomer to the UAE market, we hope to be recognised as a forward thinker and pioneer for our contribution towards developing the UAE as an international hub for art and creativity.”

A recent exhibition by the art house included late Richard Hambleton, known for initiating the New York street art movement of the 1980s. When you get a look at his work, you can see why.

If you’re more of a creator than a buyer, Dubai Design District (d3) is hosting creative workshops throughout the summer, and they’re completely free to attend.

We might just be in for a lot more street art adorning the walls of the city's homes and restaurants.

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