Rare whale shark spotted off the UAE coast

Swimmers have been urged to avoid the area

A'l Bahar Abu Dhabi/Facebook

An endangered whale shark has been spotted off the coast of the UAE.

Swimmers have been urged to avoid Al Bahar beach in Abu Dhabi for the time being after the creature was spotted floating nearby.

A statement on the beach's Facebook page said: "A whale shark has been spotted by Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi in the Kasr Al Amwaj area.
“While they're quite safe creatures, the EAD still sent out a beach warning to steer clear of the waters for health and safety reasons.”

The beach is expected to be open again on Friday, just in time for a live music festival this weekend.

The Abu Dhabi Environment Agency has moved to assure residents that the visitor is not harmful.

It tweeted: "If you come across a whale shark, we urge you to not approach it and for boat drivers to keep a safe distance."

Last year, Dubai was whipped into a frenzy after a whale shark appeared at Jumeirah Fishing Harbour.

The lights of the skyscrapers attracted the world’s largest fish, measuring four metres long, to the coast.

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