What’s happening at The World in 2018

Everything you need to know about Dubai’s 300-island project

What’s happening at The World in 2018

Dubai's The World is perhaps the most ambitious, long-term project Dubai’s ever launched. Made up of 300 islands, laid out in the shape of the world, the area is set just off the coast of Jumeirah.

In this episode of Time Out Quick Guides, you'll learn about the most significant developments of the incredible The World in 2018, and what's going to be coming soon.

From underwater bedrooms, to climate controlled streets with actual snowmen, to the nurturing of brand-new marine life - here's everything you need to know about what's happening on the World Islands in 2018.

While you’ve probably spent many an hour ogling at the Palm Jumeirah (and rightly so), The World is equally deserving of your ogle, and this year the project has massively kicked into overdrive. We expect even more overdriving in 2019 as key projects approach completion.

For now, here are the key milestones at The World, including a major update on The Heart of Europe.

It’s all part of the Time Out Quick Guides series, which gives you a handy, quickly digested guide to some of the city’s most important tourist attractions, and helps you plan your time in the city.

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If you’re after an in-depth tour around The Heart of Europe, check out our guide here.

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