Virtual reality paragliding experience comes to Dubai

Soar over steep mountain valleys and experience the sensation of movement without ever leaving The Dubai Mall

Virtual reality paragliding experience comes to Dubai

If you've ever wanted to go paragliding but can't quite stomach leaving solid ground, then this new virtual reality experience is just for you.

The ParadropVR ride at VR Theme Park takes extreme sports enthusiasts on a unique adventure soaring through steep mountain valleys and scenic lakes without ever leaving The Dubai Mall.

Simulating real flight, it combines physical movement with stunning scenery and riders wear a pair of virtual reality goggles to experience full immersion.

But be warned, because the journey includes sharp drops as well as obstacles and targets to score points on a leaderboard.

Priced at Dhs30 per ride, there's no age restriction – although gliders must be over 110cm and weigh under 150kg.

Time Out Dubai has already been to explore the VR Theme Park, with more than 20 different experiences and games.

It includies an original story from The Walking Dead - a creepy, wheelchair-based zombie shooter.

Aside from the desperate mission to survive that is The Walking Dead, to a plunge drop rollercoaster ride simulating what it’s like to be in a broken bucket lift on the edge of the Burj Khalifa, you’ll find yourself surprisingly sweaty and out of breath when you’re finished in your VR world.

But it isn’t just about what you see when you put on a headset, as every inch of the park is designed to immerse you in the action.

So get ready to strap in and paraglide your way over the mountains.

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