Emirati-designed Expo 2020 Dubai Live Pavillion set to ‘inspire millions'

‘The Good Place’ was inspired by the traditional Bedouin tent

Emirati-designed Expo 2020 Dubai Live Pavillion set to ‘inspire millions’
Emirati-designed Expo 2020 Dubai Live Pavillion set to ‘inspire millions’ Image #2
Emirati-designed Expo 2020 Dubai Live Pavillion set to ‘inspire millions’ Image #3

Expo 2020 Dubai kicks off on October 20 this year and it's set to include a new Expo Live Pavilion set to inspire millions.

The Emirati-designed structure named ‘The Good Place’ at the Expo’s Opportunity District aims to inspire visitors to become change-makers by showcasing the global innovators who make a measurable impact on people’s lives across the world.

Designed by chief architect and founder of Archidentity Ahmad Abdulrahman Bukhash, it was inspired by the traditional Bedouin tent where a pivotal 1968 meeting took place between the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

The 470 sq m exhibition will showcase the ‘good’, featuring the work of the global innovators in improving people’s lives, including a WheeLog, a Japanese accessibility app that provides wheelchair users with barrier-free information.

There’s also the Peru-based Café Compadre, which uses solar power to produce good quality, sustainable coffee in the jungle, and Kenya’s Kidogo, a social enterprise offering high-quality, affordable early childcare and education in Nairobi.

"One of the challenges in designing the ‘The Good Place’ was capturing – and captivating audiences around – the idea of Expo Live,” said Ahmad Abdulrahman Bukhash.

“As visitors enter, they will see a mirage of visuals where their reflections appear alongside images of Global Innovators. The design, co-created by Takeshi Maruyama and Sireen Ali, empowers visitors to see that those seeking to do good are ordinary people, like you or me.”

Senior vice president of Expo Live Yousuf Caires added: “Through the stories of our global innovators, ‘The Good Place’ will look to trigger a change in all who visit – inspiring ordinary people to do something extraordinary by joining a programme that empowers those who are bold and ready to make a difference.”

The lead up to Expo 2020 Dubai is bringing many accomplishments, including a world first in human flight thanks to Jetman, plus completing all of its roads leading to the massive event.

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