VR Park

Rides, virtual reality games and loads more at this incredible attraction

VR Park

This virtual reality theme park has 18 attractions, some of which have multiple games inside, taking you to distant planets, the distant future and the not-so-distant world of a fully virtualised Dubai. It’s a place to go with friends and family, especially if you decide to take on The Walking Dead game that sees you having to shoot your way out of the show’s famous hospital to safety.

There’s also The Raft where four of you all go into a 25 sq m room, gear up and enter a world where your raft is floating along a Deep South river and you’re being attacked by mysterious beings from another dimension. In The Heist you enter a magnificently designed bank in the middle of a bank robbery.

Rides include the Burj Drop and Dubai Drone: full-size roller coasters sitting proudly within this 7,000 sq m arcade.

It’s also good for kids, with some more gentle experiences such as a virtual hot air balloon ride.

Set aside a good few hours for this one, as you’ll want to savour it.
Free entry, games start from Dhs15.


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