New Secret Room nightclub opens on Palm Jumeirah

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai launches exclusive new club

New Secret Room nightclub opens on Palm Jumeirah
New Secret Room nightclub opens on Palm Jumeirah Image #2
New Secret Room nightclub opens on Palm Jumeirah Image #3

FIVE Palm Jumeriah Dubai has a secret, and we’ve heard the news first.

There’s a brand-new club opening in the Palm Jumeirah hotel, simply named Secret Room. It opens tomorrow (Friday September 21) and will run three parties a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Oh, and you’ll need a registered fingerprint (or a reservation) to get in.

The club has arrived in Dubai by way of Moscow, but it sounds like it’ll be right at home in the city.

You see, Secret Room promises “the epitome of partying in luxury”. And, as you can see by these images the new space boasts swanky 18th century-style décor, including a hand-painted mural, antique candelabrums and elaborate crown mouldings. So far, so fancy, as you might expect from an ultra-exclusive spot. And there’s a stunning centerpiece – a rose gold bar – designed by acclaimed architect Paolo Ferrari.

And if you love strutting your stuff to some R&B and hip-hop, you’re in luck, as that’s what the resident DJs will be spinning for the mostpart. There will also be trap, dancehall, reggaeton, Afro beat, house and EDM.

It’s also sounding super-secretive, as the name suggests. And you’ll even have to get to it through a secret passageway.

“Strategically located out of sight and underground at FIVE Palm Jumeirah, you need to pass through a graffiti-filled corridor to reach the hidden gem,” says the team behind it.

“Access is only granted via unique finger print identification, which is an essential feature, crucial to the brand and to gain your privileged access. Carefully selected clients will have their fingerprint registered, giving them the ability to instantly access the venue at whatever day and time they like.”

However, it’s not all totally James Bond-style, no invites are actually necessary, but reservations are. To gain entry you can call up to secure a space on 058 869 8996.

The bar joins other top venues in the hotel, including The Penthouse, which is the current holder of our Best Ladies’ Night title, as well as Maiden Shanghai, which now hosts Candypants’ Friday party brunch, the Dim Sum Disco.

We can’t wait to check it out. But first we’ll have to figure out how we’re going to blag our way in…
Open Tue, Thu & Fri 11pm-3am. FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai (058 869 8996).

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