Duvall from Disciples on playing in Dubai and working with Calvin Harris

The trio will be playing at the Palm’s LUVYA this weekend

Duvall from Disciples on playing in Dubai and working with Calvin Harris

British production trio Disciples are big names in the music industry, and if you’re a fan you’re in luck as they’ll be playing in Dubai this weekend.

The trio will be taking to the stage tomorrow (Friday December 13) at LUVYA – the brand-new music festival at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai on Thursday December 12 to Saturday December 14.

Disciples, who are best known for hits including On My Mind, They Don’t Know and How Deep is Your Love with Calvin Harris, will play on brand-new BEACH by Five tomorrow (Friday December 13). We catch up with Duvall from the group ahead of their Dubai show.

How does Dubai compare to other cities you’ve visited and played in?
We love it here, we’ve played at a few clubs including Zero Gravity, FIVE and BASE before. Actually BASE was a funny story – we were there with Anthony Joshua and Gordon Ramsay – it was so surreal. There they were just chilling behind the decks, it was pretty cool. We love Dubai, it’s friendly and people are open to listening to and trying new things. There’s a strong expat community, but that doesn’t dilute the culture – there’s a nice vibe and it’s authentic. If I want to try traditional food, I can. If I want to check out the world’s largest mall and see a super-crazy aquarium, I can. If I want a cheeky Nando’s, I can.

What are you looking forward to about LUVYA?
Dubai is becoming bigger in the nightlife scene, and it has a respectable culture. I’m looking forward to seeing Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike – they’re our boys, We’ve been on the line-up with them before, we played for them at Tomorrowland so it will be good to catch up with them.

You’ve worked with some top names, including Calvin Harris on hit single How Deep is Your Love. Who would be your dream collaboration?
If I could work with anyone, wow, production-wise it would be Diplo or Pharrell. For vocalists, Khalid or Adele. Adele wouldn’t do it – but this is my wish list. We loved working with Calvin, he’s such a genius. It was really enlightening, and we learnt how to trust other people’s ears. Calvin’s ears are golden. He’s given us really great tips – now we always send our stuff to him to listen to first.

What’s in the pipeline for you?
Hopefully a lot more releases. We’re so laid-back, which takes the pressure off, but I’d like to have at least four or five singles next year if not an album or body of work. Also I’d like to develop our own show and do some more touring and see our fans.

Talking of fans, what’s the question you’re most frequently asked?
‘Do you guys fight?’. And I say ‘yes we strap on the boxing gloves in the studio’. No, we’re like brothers, so of course we do, but we always make up. It’s positive fighting like, ‘I don’t think the chorus should go here’, not like ‘oi, you stole my girlfriend’.

What’s the thing you love most about what you do?
The first is when you hit that sweet spot in the studio, and you look at each other and go, ‘we’ve just cracked it’. And the second is when you’re on stage and the crowd like it and the world confirms it. It’s amazing.

What do you think is coming up in the global music scene in 2020?
I think it’s open season for music. There are currently loads of sub-genres – commercial house, deep house, techo etc – but with streaming it all bleeds into one. There’s a lot of strong music and I think lines will blur.

Why should people get out and support live music?
Live music is so important, more than anything. It’s also about discovering new talent and learning new things and it’s the most honest form of art. Music is meant to be played before it’s recorded. I saw Michael Jackson before I’d heard his music – I was five and I went to see him perform live.
From Dhs300, Dhs1,000 (full weekend pass). Dec 12-14, 2pm-4am. FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai, www.luvya.live.

For a full line-up of names, click here.

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