BASE Dubai

The super-club returns after the summer with a night that needs a little fine-tuning

The winter party season is finally kicking back in with a stream of club reopenings, and the most anticipated in our eyes is that of our Club of the Year, BASE Dubai.

But is it bigger and better than ever? With a few tweaks – maybe, but it has a few steps to climb before it can return to its place as the top spot for Dubai’s party people. Nevertheless, stepping into the open-air super-club still hits us with excitement – with pulsating beats, its amphitheatre setting that satisfyingly screams: “Are you not entertained?”.

Beaming lights let the denizens of the city know the party has started – and you’re a part of it.

Well, kind of, as BASE’s launch is still in process when we arrive – and it isn’t hiding it. Platforms for dancers are still being put in place, while staff are still “unveiling” the new look – artist Demsky’s simple yet nifty kaleidoscopic designs around the outer edge of the club.

It’s somewhat disheartening, and kills the vibe a bit. We’ve feelings of déjà vu from last season’s less-than-smooth opening night, too.

After an hour or so the club begins to fill and the vibe picks up. Which proves to be good timing, as the party starts to heat up – literally.

Part of the club’s new Thursday night LYFE series is Fahrenheit, fiery performances from talented dancers throwing fire, which is thrilling to see. It’s matched by a dazzling light show accompanying a mix of well-known tunes from the energetic DJs. It pulls together nicely, but takes too long to get there.

To keep up with the city’s dizzying amount of super-clubs, BASE will have to put a bit more groundwork in. If it can, BASE will remain a top spot for clubgoers in the city this season.

The bottom line
A shaky start, but potential to be great.


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