The ultimate rooftop experience with a classy vibe

This is a seriously polished and fun bar up on the roof of The Oberoi Dubai and one that is guaranteed to impress even the most discerning of patrons.

The views across Business Bay and Downtown Dubai are unrivalled and this is definitely a place for visitors to the city.

Staff are trendy with dapper outfits, yet infinitely approachable. There’s a lovely romantic outdoor area and the bar is all woods and glass and assorted greenery.

The list of speciality mixed drinks is extensive and are made with fresh ingredients by a talented roster of bar staff that show a level of craft and attention that many other bars in the city should aspire to.

Drinks are reasonably priced given the gorgeous surroundings and should all the rest and relaxation leave you peckish during your visit, you’ll find a restaurant-standard menu of varied international dishes.

Whether it’s a special occasion or you’re simply looking to relax, you won’t regret a drink or a bar meal here.

Iris is up there with the best of them, so head down and see what you’re missing.

The bottom line
A must-visit for visitors to Dubai.


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