Gold On 27

Super swankygold-laden bar in Burj Al Arab

For both visitors and residents of Dubai, a trip to Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is likely to be at the top of most bucket lists.

However, the world-famous hotel isn’t the easiest of places to gain access to – unless you have deep pockets – as you can’t even step inside the gates without a reservation, and it’s not cheap to stay or dine here.

However, if you’re looking for a drink at one of the most luxurious places in town – and don’t want to be spending into the thousands of dirhams (though of course you could) or book weeks in advance, then make a date at Gold on 27.

You still have to call up in advance to confirm your booking, but it’s a simpler process than you might expect, plus there’s no minimum spend, which is a relief.

The bar itself is, as you’d expect, on the 27th floor of the iconic hotel. On entry you’re sure to be wowed by the overwhelming bling of the space.

Every surface is draped in gold and it’s like stepping into a treasure chest. From the sparkling golden stools, to the glittering decorations around the bar.

The lounge area is slightly less glitzy, being dim and moodily lit, and boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, showing off views across Jumeirah.

The vibe is more relaxed than you might imagine, with staff friendly and attentive. Of course it doesn’t come cheap – try not to wince as you scroll throw that gold iPad menu – but mixed drinks are inventive and themed around Dubai.

The drinks menu is broken into three sections – Old Dubai, New Dubai and future Dubai – with ingredients ranging from saffron to spiced date syrup, orange blossom and zaatar, for an Arabian taste. There are even mixed drinks containing gold if you’re feeling ultra fancy.

The bar snacks are a bit average for the venue, and very rich, but the truffle and Parmesan potato wedges a worth a mention.

Gold On 27 is fun, it’s decadent and it’s worth visiting at least once for the experience.

Super swanky gold-laden bar in Burj Al Arab

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