The Green Room

A genuinely marvellous jazz bar in City Walk

Out of nowhere, jazz is firmly back on Dubai’s nightlife agenda. And while there are many bars and new venues around the city to have recently announced new jazz nights, or to perhaps disingenously describe themselves as a “speakeasy”, few are able to do so with such credibility and authenticity as The Green Room, a recent addition to City Walk’s The Square.

Having opened above Galvin Bistrot + Bar, The Green Room is the sort of place you’ll only find if you already know it’s there. Even signs in Galvin simply state “lounge bar upstairs”, which, as we will explain, is something of an understatement.

Plonked one floor above street level, indeterminable neon lights flashing their way through the windows from the narrow alley outside make it easy to forget one’s Dubai surroundings, and we’re temporarily transported to a hidden-away, little-known West End jazz club in Soho.

There’s a small, three-piece jazz ensemble playing at one end of what is a small bar, performing cross-generational covers in a funky and yet stripped-back style.  It’s intimate enough to hear the singer’s instructions to her band members, or to overhear the odd joke shared between them, while simultaneously hearing the barman’s drinks shaker rattling away throughout the evening.

And it’s that authenticity that reminds us of old smoky dens truly deserving of the “jazz club” moniker, which is why we’re immediately endeared. We wouldn’t be surprised if that was an A-list celeb secretly hanging out in the darkened corner over there, or if Nat King Cole suddenly jumped on the piano.

The Green Room is poky, but not confined, and having fewer than a dozen tables lining the walls only adds to the charm. 

Have you ever seen a barman sawing through as block of ice? Mixed drinks here are made using freshly carved chunks coming from a central, magnificent slab of the stuff, which is almost as entertaining as the professional entertainment on stage – and that is no disrespect to either.

Plus, with inventive concoctions and top-shelf drinks available from Dhs50, you won’t be left with chills when you get the bill.

Unlike some establishments around town, the bar’s hook doesn’t feel contrived, nor does it feel gimmicky. It’s a genuine jazz club featuring genuine jazz musicians that goes down a storm with the genuine music fans who frequent it.

A genuinely marvellous jazz bar in City Walk

Classy, relaxed vibes, live music andmixed drinks


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