A Filipino nightclub in Deira

Tired of having to put on your smartest attire to gain entry into a club? Well you certainly won’t get sent away for your trainers at Boracay.

The nightclub in Deira is named after a beach resort in the Philippines, and it’s succeeded in bringing a taste of the fun-loving island to the desert. The spot is popular with Dubai’s Filipino community and it’s clear to see why it’s become such a hit.

When we visit on a weekend, the venue is absolutely buzzing with a cover band belting out the tunes while partygoers dance and sing just as enthusiastically. There are no judgements here – everyone is out for a good time.

It’s not the least bit swish or swanky, but we find that refreshing, and although the décor is somewhat dated, we think it only adds to the charm.
It’s a big space, and one that fills up quickly, and the crowd seem to be big fans of the disco lights that make you feel like you’re back in the nineties – all that’s missing is our scrunchies.

Drinks aren’t as cheap as you might expect in this side of town, however, and a pint will set you back around Dhs50, while bottles of hops start at Dhs42. There’s also a decent range of grape on offer, which starts at Dhs49 a glass, too.

If you’re into no-frills fun and a bit of cheesy music (with dancing optional but inevitable), you could do a lot worse than a trip to Boracay.

A Filipino nightclub in Deira

For the cheesy tunes and fun party vibe


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