The Beach House

Beach bar on Palm Jumeirah

Call off the search – this is exactly the Dubai sundowner spot you’ve been looking for. All those Saturday sunsets you’ve been trying to peacefully while away at some of the city’s shabbier, rowdier beach bars can now come to an end.

Not that The Beach House is posh – this is fancy-free, flip-flop friendly lounging. If the proximity to the sand doesn’t convince you of its good-time vibes, what should is the venue’s insistence on serving a landfill’s worth of calamari in a pitcher-sized stemmed glass. And what’s not to love about that?

Speaking of pitchers, you’ll also find deals on Spanish mixed drinks, which are almost as transporting as the setting itself – though with over-water bungalows to the right and sparkling skyscrapers to the left, exactly how far you’ve been transported might vary. Bora Bora? Business Bay?

Bag yourself one of the comfy couches facing the sea and kick off your sandals while you soak up the sunset and rib-ticklingly confused service.

Wait, what?

No, we didn’t order a pot of Earl Grey. Hello again, no, nor those tiramisus (though we wouldn’t say no…).

In a setting this serene, it’s hard to lose your cool, even if you do have to ask for more ice at least thrice before it arrives.

Maybe it’s the sea breeze, or perhaps it’s the hum of the fans twirling from the beams above – it’s certainly not the oddly jarring Muzak in the background. Someone get these guys a Café del Mar compilation, fast.

For seriously relaxed drinks at the beach, BFG-sized serving of calamari in hand, grab your flip-flops. There’s nowhere better right now.

Beach bar on Palm Jumeirah

Sunsets, mixed drinks and more calamari than even a megalodon could manage


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