Stage Sky Bar & Lounge

A rooftop bar in Production City


We're not unaccustomed to taxi drivers not knowing the name of the bar we’re heading for, nor are we alarmed when they’re unfamiliar with the hotel it’s in. But, when they haven’t even heard of the neighbourhood the signs aren’t promising. And perhaps we should have heeded the warnings.

The Stage Sky Bar & Lounge sits atop the curiously wordy Occidental IMPZ Dubai Conference & Events Centre Business Hotel. Its location in Production City already puts it at a disadvantage to becoming a buzzing bar, but then we arrive at the deserted hotel. Having only opened recently, we’re not expecting a full-on welcoming party. However, there are no reception staff, no staff inside, no directional signs for where the bar is actually located, no one. Where are they you ask? Well, they’re all gathered on the rooftop as when we eventually make our way to the sky bar we’re outnumbered by staff 5:1.

Surprised to actually see customers, we’re shepherded to a table. It’s no surprise that within seconds our order’s taken, bottle tops are popped and we’re sipping on hops. Drinks are reasonably priced, at Dhs36 for a glass of house grape, hops and shorts, while mixed drinks are Dhs60.

The bar itself has a mix of funky furniture, hanging lights, outdoor heaters and a vintage cinema-style signs showing the current cast of mixed drinks. It is in fact a lovely space, and we hope once more people have heard of it (as they won’t stumbling across it) it will pick up.

A rooftop bar in Production City

If you’ve been booked into the deserted hotel


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