A sports bar best reserved for Liverpool or Leeds United fans

Your first impression of Goodfellas, a sports bar located in Barsha Heights, is going to wildly differ depending on what time of the week you visit.
This is a football bar –it’s unashamed, unapologetic and it certainly won’t be changing its stripes anytime soon. Well, we say “stripes”, this bar is a fan hub for both the Dubai Reds (the official Liverpool supporters club in Dubai), and for Leeds United fans. And because of that, this otherwise modest bar is an absolute must if you’re going to be supporting either team when kick-off comes around.

Memorabilia from both teams (and legendary footballing sides in general) line the walls, including signed shirts from some absolute superstars, and as you enter the bar you’ll find a long, sprawling bar down one side of what is an L-shaped, narrow space. A giant screen sits in the corner, providing a focal point for all fans, with the tables positioned directly underneath it being abandoned in favour of upright viewing.

It’s absolutely heaving on our visit, which coincides with a make-or-break midweek Liverpool match being played, and it’s testament to this bar that it’s still packed to the rafters at 2am in the middle of the week.

The bar prices are reasonable, there’s standard pub grub on offer, too, but this place is all about being in the thick of the crowd when the action takes off.

A sports bar best reserved for Liverpool or Leeds United fans

Screens, drinks deals and, apparently, every footy fan in Dubai


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