Soho Garden

For the DJ sets and lively atmosphere

Despite the name Soho Garden is so much more than just a garden. It’s a pumping super-club, a swanky outdoor terrace and an intimate London-inspired bar all rolled into one – with a swimming pool thrown in for good measure.

Nestled snugly beside Toy Room at Meydan Racecourse, the entrance to the enclave isn’t giving much away. But after venturing through the illuminated neon arches, it opens up into a beautiful space draped with mellow string lights, foliage and hanging lanterns.

There are four separate bars, each with its own distinct vibe – ranging from cosy to counters that feel like they’ve been transplanted from a high-end nightclub in a swanky city.

The best by far is Glasshouse, which evokes London luxury with a range of carefully concocted mixed drinks and a chic, industrial-inspired interior that boasts huge comfortable red sofas and chairs that you can sink into.

Also popular is the multi-level tiki bar, the biggest in the venue, where groups congregate around high tables by the pool to enjoy chilled-out beats from the DJ and exotic beverages.

The crowd here is lively and, even on a weeknight, it’s full of atmosphere. The patrons are extremely trendy, with even those consigned to the bench seats in desperate hope of snagging a table putting our attempts at style to shame. But it’s by no means pretentious, and everyone’s set on having a good time.

The venue also brings in some big names – such as famed Ibiza DJs The Mambo Brothers – guaranteeing a top night out.

Soho Garden is one of the city’s best places to party – and with four bars under one roof, it’s a must-visit nightlife venue.

An awesome sprawling bar at Meydan

For the DJ sets and lively atmosphere


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