Carnival by Trèsind

Cool bar at a top-notch Indian restaurant in DIFC


If you’re working in the DIFC area and fancy a couple of swift ones once you’ve completed another nine-to-five, then this funky, quirky and jaunty younger sibling to one of the city’s famed Indian restaurants (the eponymous Trèsind) should be right near the top of your list.

But funkiness, quirkiness and jauntiness notwithstanding, Carnival has many a string attached to its impressive bow. Chiefly known for its intriguing and artistic take on classic Indian dishes (deconstructed papdi chaat, for example), this restaurant’s bar is also something of a dab hand at knocking together some marvellously creative and inventive mixed drinks.

Concoctions are plentiful, in fact you’ll find dozens of them on an expansive menu split out into different categories depending on what you fancy, your tastes, and even based on with whom you may be frequenting the bar.

There are plenty of options when it comes to mocktails as well, so there’s something for everyone here.

With drinks being delivered in skulls (fake, of course), straw bags, popcorn boxes, flamingos and more, you’re not just assured of a tasty drink, but a really novel yet classy evening in the company of some fantastic service from skilled bar staff, as well as some brilliant drinks.

A great post-work pit-stop.

Cool bar at a top-notch Indian restaurant in DIFC

Inventive mixed drinks and friendly service


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