The Hungry Monkey

Living room-style bar in Al Barsha


We wish we weren’t writing about this place, because in doing so, we’re outing one of Al Barsha’s best-kept secrets. And we wanted to keep that secret all to ourselves.

Sadly, that’s not in the job description, so here’s the deal.

Part bar and part Hogwarts common room, at first you might not think The Hungry Monkey is the kind of place this congested corner of the city has been crying out for. You would be wrong.

And not just because its sofas envelop your rear like a spongey Venus flytrap.

Where else determinedly has a menu exclusively of two-for-one drinks? Dashing your hopes of a swift one, and then immediately reinstalling them with a quick glance to the corner of the room. For that is where the bar’s piles upon piles of games – Jenga, Ludo, chess, Taboo – sit ready to lure you into accidentally losing three hours in the bar.

And lose those hours (though hopefully not games) you will.

This bar has no windows. No natural light to whisper conspiratorially to your subconscious about it being probably “time to make a move”.

It’s dark, it’s cosy, it’s the kind of place hot summers and windy winters make you want to retreat to. In a city with sometimes extreme seasons, this is that rare indoor bar for all of them.

So there. We’ve told you about it. Don’t suppose “obliviate” works without a wand, does it?

Living room-style bar in Al Barsha

To hide out with boardgames for hours


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