West Beach Sports Lounge

A back-to-basics sports bar in JBR

West Beach Sports Lounge

This bar is, so far, the only place in Dubai where we’ve been able to find live coverage of kabaddi, and we absolutely love it.

Found at the Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach on The Walk in JBR, this bar isn’t exactly the sort of spot you’d head to if you’re after an evening made for high society and fine-dining fare. But it knows that, and leans into it magnificently.

It’s dark, it’s rowdy, loud, smoky and full of people looking for a good time or to catch the match. The partition-esque entrance to the bar on the ground floor of this JBR hotel lures you in from the lobby, with the chorus of cheers, laughter and fun-being-had noises emanating throughout. Once you arrive, you’re greeted with a massive projector screen showing the main event on the opposing big wall, and at match time you’ll find the tables in front of it to be pretty much full to capacity. There are plenty of other screens, too.

While there are elements of the bar that could do with a bit of TLC, slightly wonky tables that wobble worryingly when you pick up or replace your pint, for example, it kind of adds a bit of je n’ais se quoi to the bar’s charm, truth be told.

If you’re heading here, you’re not after the polished and shiny sports bar experience. Instead, you’re more likely here for the more authentic fan experience: spilled hops on your trainers, cameraderie with a stranger who happens to follow the same team as you, and a game of pool where you’re almost elbowing a fellow patron as you line up your shot.

That’s what sports bars should be about, and this place has it in spades.

A back-to-basics sports bar in JBR

For a classic American sports bar-style vibe


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