A Bollywood-and-casino themed sports bar... or live music venue

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It must be a faily delicate balancing act, trying to manage three wildly varying themes in one venue – such as the Bollywood, sports and casino (of course not a functioning one) trifecta of motifs on offer at this bar-meets-café-meets-live music venue in Karama.

And the whole experience here is a bit odd. We arrive fairly late on in the evening, yet the bands on the bill for the night are still soundchecking and we’re pretty much on our tod. We’re assured it kicks off later and judging by the hive of staff lurking around us during our game of pool we’re inclined to believe them.

Perhaps they’ve arrived a little too early to the party, too, because some staff jump at the chance to finish the game of pool we’ve recently abandoned.
The later it gets the busier it gets, though, and this place is heaving during the wee hours.

There’s a decent happy until 10pm that offers buy one, get one free on loads of drinks, too, and some interesting, gaming-themed graffiti lining the walls.

This is not for the early birds, though, it’s for the night owls – and this bar (casino-themed art and dangling playing cards included), is a bit of a surreal experience in all.

A Bollywood-and-casino themed sports bar... or live music venue

For late-night, sat down live music


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