The Clavichord

A bar serving up a mish-mash of comedy and live music

The Clavichord

When the Clavichord opened in Dubai back in 2017 it promised an elegant live music lounge that brings in different acts and genres on a regular basis.

Fast forward two years, and give it a little bit of a reshuffle, and the bar is still putting on weekly live entertainment, but its weekly roster is perhaps slightly thinner than it used to be.

A fairly poky venue that leans heavily on its dark and moody interiors to create its ambience, the bar area has room for four high stools, and a modest stage sets the scene for local musicians and comedians. It’s reminiscent of small, smoky, London or New York lounges.

Outside of happy hour, drinks are surprisingly punchy, and a couple of drinks and a plate of nibbles will set you back more than you’d expect.

During happy hour, you’ll get a fairly ill-defined discount on a range of drinks. “Something like 40 or 60 percent off,” we’re told. Shrug, and carry on.

There’s weekly live music and live comedy, which features local comedians getting up on stage for what appears to be a bit of an open mic night, which we whole heartedly endorse.

The bar might be slightly strange, but on the whole we like what it’s going for.

A bar serving up a mish-mash of comedy and live music

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