Chelsea Arms

Old-school British pub in Deira

Chelsea Arms
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We can’t help humming the Fratellis every time we think about this place. Not because it has any connection to the Scottish Rockers. To be honest we’re not sure what the Chelsea connection is. Is it the football club? Is it the place? It’s not really clear by the indiscriminate London memorabilia scattered throughout, but either way it’s a charming homage to the upmarket west London borough.

As the self-proclaimed oldest pub in Dubai, it’s been pouring pints almost as long as Bet Lynch (or since 1978, to be precise) and it has the age-old feel of a proper British pub once you’re cosied away inside.

Housed in the Sheraton Dubai Creek, locate the Arabian carpet shop (really) and you’ll have found the hidey hole that is the Chelsea Arms.

Kitted out with big screens, a central bar, cosy nooks and crannies, velvet-coated seats and slightly odd half curtains that make it look a bit like an old train carriage, it’s a nostalgic look at British pub life.

The lighting is low, smoking is allowed, and whether Chelsea, middle England, the Great British north or Dubai, it has a warm feel. There’s even a fire place for that just-come-out-of-the-cold kind of feel (except of course, it’s mid-30s outside, but who cares, we love it anyway).

If you’re a grape connoisseur look away, as only the (distinctly average) house variety is available by the glass, but for pints you’ll be smiling.

Even more so if you visit between 3pm and 9pm for happy hour where drinks start at Dhs27, though service could do with sharpening.

Cheap drinks, faux fireplace and pics of Big Ben? Where better for a homesick Londoner?

Old-school British pub in Deira

Because it’s the oldest pub in Dubai, so it says (and it’s good)


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