Bar 51

An elegant bar, but it’s missing a trick

Bar 51

Surprise: Bar 51 is set on the 51st floor of this Sheikh Zayed Road hotel. To get to it, you take the hotel’s main elevator to the 49th floor, and you are greeted with some magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows and a stunning view of Downtown Dubai.

You’ll arrive to a gorgeous space with exposed filament lighting, cast iron fittings and a central bar.

Only thing is, this isn’t Bar 51. No, this is a stunning, yet seemingly disused, whole other bar that you have to pass through, in order to take another elevator to reach Bar 51. You’re then met with a shiny new bar – this one is Bar 51, this time, but it’s far less characterful. And while the views out from this classy, sophisticated and easy-going bar are impressive, they’re more obstructed, and the experience feels a little disappointing.

Drinks are reasonable, plus head on Wednesday where you’ll be able to make the most of the once-a-week happy hour. There’s also a piano in the corner for a bit of classy ambiance.

After an anti-climatic entrance, it’s an elegant enough bar – though it lacks a bit of character, which is a shame considering what lies two floors beneath.

An elegant bar, but it’s missing a trick

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