A new sports bar in Business Bay

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No, not that one. This Nelson’s is a new entry to the Dubai nightlife scene and lives at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Waterfront. Quite why, with all the possible pub names out here, it chose the same moniker as one of the city’s well-established pubs, we don’t know. What we do know, however, is that it’s a decent place for a drink and to watch some footy.

We’re having a quiet pint one weekend after, not long after the place has officially opened. There are staff still putting up the big screens but it doesn’t put us off too much, and there are loads of TVs above the bar that capurte our attention, anyway.

This is resolutely a bar, not a pub. With dark interiors and curtains drawn over the windows (this is a ground-floor bar, which you can enter from outide the hotel) there’s no chance of being blinded by the lights in here.

You might, however, be blinded by the happy hour deals, with hops for as little as Dhs25, and the match-time burger and pint offer, which is Dhs79.

The range of drinks is impressive and the staff all seem  pleased to see customers. It’s by no means empty in the place, but it’s not busy, with most of the patrons hotel guests. It’s early days however, and we think there are plenty of reasons for people to visit, especially if they live near to the Business Bay hotel.

It’s a big space, with an area that seems to be set aside for shisha, which seems a little odd. Sitting around the bar itself is a good shout.

We’re always pleased to see new places open up while Nelson’s is in no way original, it does offer another option for those in the Business Bay area.

A new sports bar in Business Bay

The happy hour deals are good for the area


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