Speakeasy-style bar in a new movie themed hotel


Paramount hotel in Business Bay is, as you’d imagine, movie-themed and dedicated to all things cinematic. There’s even a private screening room, while there are plenty of touches about the lobby nodding to the golden Hollywood era.

Flashback is one of several “speakeasy”-style bars to pop up in the city in recent months. Once you locate it, hidden behind a heavy door, there’s a dimly-lit corridor to the bar, which in contrast has stark, bright lighting, making it anything but cosy, and not at all like any speakeasy we’d imagine. The décor is cool though, with old-school movie posters on screens, which shift subtly, making you feel like the star’s eyes are watching you sip on your drinks.

It’s fairly busy on our visit, as there are only a handful of tables. Happy hour falls between 4pm and 8pm with a variety of hops, grapes and shorts for half price every day.

If you’re up for challenging your companion to a board game or some trivia, head to the petite room next door where you’ll find a variety of games.

The music is cool, too and with softer lighting it would be better, but currently Flashback is not a bar that screams “Hollywood glamour”.

Speakeasy-style bar in a new movie themed hotel

If you fancy playing a board game in a hidden room


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