Belgian Café (Madinat)

Third installment of popular franchise for Dubai

We had mixed feelings about the latest instalment of Belgian Beer Café opening in the Madinat Jumeirah. Yes, it’s all very exciting that there’s another quality watering hole at the Madinat (Dubai’s new go-to destination for a bar crawl), but then it was a pity that it had to open in place of award-winning seafood restaurant Pisces.

Still, such minor quibbles are soon forgotten when you step into the classy dark-wood environs of the venue, to be greeted by eager staff and have quality hops brought to your table. We were asked one too many times whether we wanted a food menu (we didn’t) and the bar was empty other than for us, but we put both these points down to the fact that the place had just opened, meaning staff were a little over-excited and would-be customers had yet to hear about this new venue yet. However, the BBC Madinat sets itself apart from the other two Dubai locations thanks to great views of the Burj Al Arab and proximity to the complex’s quaint waterways – a particularly pleasant place to while away a Friday afternoon.


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