La Terrasse

Relaxed new bar with al fresco terrace in Business Bay

Visit around sunset to make the most of this newly launched spot’s great outdoor terrace.

Summer may be coming but if you’re going to visit one new sunset spot before the heaviest heat descends you could do worse than checking out La Terrasse. Subtitled ‘The Eye of Dubai’, the venue offers stunning views across the ongoing maze of development that is Downtown. Set back in the far corner of Business Bay, at the Radisson Blu Hotel Downtown Dubai, the relaxed terrace space harbours a rare spot of tranquillity amid the spaghetti junctions and blaring horns of Downtown. Visit at dusk and watch the glowing sun set behind the Burj Khalifa, silhouetting the skyline artfully.

It might seem odd to launch a new, predominantly outdoor venue on the cusp of summer, but the space isn’t a new one. The recently launched La Terrasse is a welcome overhaul of what was once Infiniti Bar & Terrace, a somewhat simpler affair. Now things are livelier; on our recent visits the resident DJ spun a welcome mix of old-school ’80s and ’90s disco, house and pop, keeping things nodding along without pumping it up on a weeknight. Meanwhile the dull white furnishings of old have been replaced by pleasant couches spread across the wooden decking.

While not exactly delivered at a sprint, we’ve found service to be consistently friendly. Prices, however, are high – draught hops clock in at Dhs45, with bottles at Dhs42 and mixed drinks start at Dhs55. The menu is all new too, with Infiniti’s snacky tapas-style dishes replaced by a list predominantly made up of Indian tandoors prepared in a specialist outdoor oven so you can watch your food being cooked. As well as the terrace, there’s a basic indoor space with sports screens and a bar, but it’s unlikely to appeal beyond hotel residents or those living in Business Bay’s nearby blocks.

For now though, while the terrace still remains pleasant, it’s well worth a visit. Anyone who has been to Infiniti before will be impressed with the additions of live music and cooking. And the majority who’ve never visited the hotel would do well to stop by for some sundowners soon.


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