Games, charm, discount drinks and more Deira fun

This understated Old Dubai gem is a breath of fresh air, with plenty of games, charm, and cheap drinks

We’re not sure there was ever actually a guy called Freddy – well, clearly there have been many people born Frederick, since shortened to Freddy – we’re just not convinced there was ever an eponymous Freddy from which the bar Freddy’s took its name. But if there was such a man, he’s a guy we’d like to meet.

Let us introduce you to our idea of the (really quite probably) fictional Freddy. We surmise, first off, that’s he’s likely to be American – which is why his venue has a US roadhouse-like feel. We’re pretty sure he likes sports, which is why there’s sporting paraphernalia and TV screens lined up around his bar. Freddy definitely prefers to take life at his own speed – why else would his venue be so relaxed and unassuming? – oh, and he clearly likes a drink – which is why his hops cost just Dhs26 a bottle and Dhs30 a draft, and there’s a half-price happy hour from noon until 6pm.

Other things we’ve observed Freddy to be fond of include pool, darts and table football. We reckon he’s also got a pretty musical ear, with an incredibly well-stocked digital jukebox, and even a private karaoke both. Most importantly though, we’re pretty sure he’d be a fun fellow that we’d like to share a drink with, most preferably in his self-named venue. Failing that, we’ll just take a drink in his bar alone.

If you like the sound of our imaginary Freddy, you’d do well to join us.

In Dubai’s ongoing bigger-taller-shinier nightlife race, Freddy’s is a breath of fresh air, a genuine Old Dubai nightspot with its charm kept well intact. Where so many of its nearby contemporaries have adopted tacky themes, become less desirable, or simply closed down, Freddy’s feels like a pleasant reminder of Dubai’s not-so-distant past.

Perhaps the reason Freddy’s has managed this feat is its location; stuck up in Al Nahda, past the airport and approaching the Sharjah border, it’s somewhat isolated from many. It’s a shame that prevents more people knowing about the bar, especially as it’s only a short walk from the metro (Dubai Airport Free Zone station).

But it’s unlikely such a venue could exist in a more accessible part of Dubai, and perhaps it’s that which adds to the Wild West feel the place gives off. For this we can simply thank our friendly Freddy for choosing such an unspoilt spot. It’s worth noting he’s picked another, with a second branch of Freddy’s now at the newer Fortune Boutique Hotel in Deira. That’s our next stop – the first round is on us.


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