Cave Dubai

A cosy grape bar, but could do with a few more guests

Aptly, given its name, this bar feels distinctly cave-like. Not in the sense that you fear you’ll disappear in the darkness, but that it feels cosy and contained.

It’s not underground, but it could be, such is the moodily lit room and lack of windows. It’s chic, elegant and grown up, and we love the dark wood décor.

We settle into one of the large sofas and check out the menu. Being a grape bar there’s an extensive list, with varying prices.

Cave’s remarkably quiet for a midweek evening, and there are only a handful of other guests. Due to the cavernous nature of the space with various little hidey-holes, people are seated far apart from other groups. It also means there’s little-to-no vibe.

Drinks also take an unusually long time to arrive, too, given the small amount of people. It’s not cheap, but a daily happy hour helps with that. Visit between 6pm and 8pm on a weekday and you’ll get 25 percent off drinks.

And there’s another good reason to visit – the cheese. Cave offers up various nights including fondue Fridays – a sharing pot of melted cheese and a bottle of grape for Dhs299 – while on a Tuesday you’ll get unlimited grape, cheese and cold cuts for Dhs275.

Cave is a chic and cosy place for a drink, but needs to up its game to really shine.

The bottom line
Chic bar, but lacking in atmosphere.


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