Bar Rouge at Supperclub Dubai

Faintly ridiculous and unashamedly over the top lounge bar

Most people are going to have to travel a fairly long way to the Supperclub Dubai, as it’s plonked right at the end of the Palm. If this isn’t an issue then it’s worth stopping by just to experience how quintessentially Dubai this venue is. In a city where expenditure and outward image are synonymous with the high-end nightlife scene, this place has those characteristics in abundance. Located within the Supperclub – a dining and live entertainment concept which originated in Amsterdam, Bar Rouge is faintly ridiculous and unashamedly over the top. Once you’ve ascended the golden stairway, you’ll encounter a large bar with a giant sign on the ceiling, in flashy lights, which helpfully spells the word ‘bar’, in case you thought you’d stumbled into the store room.

Downstairs, as the name would insinuate, things are distinctly red. The ceiling’s red, the sofas are red, the giant bar is red – even the table stools are bright red. Thankfully, the floor’s dark and there are some appropriately glitzy golden bar stools, the sort you could imagine J-Lo doing a little ditty around. The other thing they’ve gone a bit mad with are the lights – they’re more or less everywhere. There are lights on the bar, around the skirting, dotted throughout the ceiling and even glimmering under the table. Coupled with the rich velvet drapes, this gives Bar Rouge the atmosphere of a high-end nightclub – not exactly the sort of place to pop in with a paper for a bowl of crisps and a drink.

As befits the venue, the mixed drinks and grape selection are good and predictably pricy – not an ideal destination if you’re a bar-bill wincer. When we dropped by, the people hanging out were in their thirties and forties and, based on appearances alone, rich. It’s not a particularly friendly sort of place, which is surprising considering the Amsterdam version is supposed to be a meeting place for art and culture, but we can’t really fault the venue for not translating a crowd all the way across to Dubai, and the staff at least were helpful, despite a little sniffiness from some of the desk staff, which we found slightly puzzling.

With a wealth of pricy dining and entertainment concepts across the city, we think that Supperclub Dubai is certainly up to scratch. We’ve tried the food downstairs too, and it’s more than decent (as it should be for these prices). We’re less taken with Bar Rouge however. But if this sort of place sounds up your street, we can’t think of too many reasons why you wouldn’t like it.


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