H Bar

A chic American-style bar with a laid-back vibe

H Bar brings a touch of old-school US glamour to Sheikh Zayed Road. Set within The H Dubai, we love the glitzy décor. With massive, sparkling chandeliers and twinkling lights, it’s classy and classic, perfect for a glass of something chilled.

However, the bar faces some stiff competition from other venues in the hotel, namely 40 Kong, The Black Lion, PLAY Restaurant & Lounge, and the newly opened Moombai & Co. This is reflected on the evening we visit, as we’re one of only two tables in the place.

Undeterred, we settle into the plush velvety sofas to chat and unwind. Drinks are priced around the same as in other outlets in the hotel, however, so it’s not a typically expensive lobby bar that you tend to avoid.

A while later, we decide to head to the adjacent pool room, where a huge purple table fills the space (along with an enormous chandelier).

The walls in here are covered in photos of Los Angeles (think the Hollywood sign and Sunset Boulevard). It’s cool and we love inspecting the retro images.

After a few rounds of pool we call it a night. Delphine has old-fashioned elegance, but sadly the vibe just isn’t there when we visit on a weeknight. It’s a lovely spot, but a few more patrons would give it a needed boost.

The bottom line
Glamorous and cool, but overly quiet.


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