Maison Mathis, Arabian Ranches

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Maison Mathis is almost hidden from sight. In the heart of Arabian Ranches, it’s tucked away at the side of the golf club, with a huge tree right in front of the entrance. To get to the bar, you need to walk through the restaurant, past the bakery and then past the open kitchen, which will probably make you a little bit peckish.

The décor is simple – polished concrete floors, exposed ceilings and white tiles. Even the furniture is white, with the occasional black chair or stool. Outside, the setting is more vibrant. The large terrace sits shaded under a vibrant canopy of leaves which, in summer, gets turned into something of a conservatory thanks to the addition of floor-to-ceiling glass panels, creating an air-conditioned extension.

Even from within, there are uninterrupted views over the golf course – the terrace overlooks the ninth hole, so you can cheer people on as they finish a game (though we can’t guarantee they’ll appreciate it).

Further colour comes in the shape of a children’s play area, a win for fun-seeking families.

This a laid-back place, so there’s no loud music playing, or any music at all, in fact. The only sounds come from the other customers chatting, or cheering if there’s sport showing.

This being a Belgian bar, there are plenty of the country’s hops on offer, as well as a lengthy list of mixed drinks featuring all the classics, as well as some of Maison Mathis’ own inventions.

There are also Belgian snacks aplenty, plus pizza cooked in a traditional oven if you’re hankering for something more substantial (but really, it’s got to be chips and mayo, hasn’t it?).

On reflection, it’s a good thing this bar is hidden away – because you’re probably going to want to keep it to yourself.

The Bottom Line
A relaxed spot with Belgian beverages.


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