Las Vegas Night Club, Satwa

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Nine floors up in the Chelsea Plaza Hotel, you’ll find Las Vegas Night Club. It’s right next to a Bollywood-themed club with a rickshaw by the entrance, but apart from that, it’s pretty easy to miss. The entrance is an unassuming door – one that must be soundproof, because only once inside are you hit by a wall of music.

The club is long and narrow with a DJ booth at the far end and two bars facing each other from opposite corners. There’s a dancefloor for you to strut your stuff, but if you’d rather spectate, there are shiny red and black sofas and seats lining the walls. The décor screams Vegas. Mirrors and glowing hexagonal lights give the club a futuristic look, making it seem like you’re in a spaceship – a spaceship that plays a lot of hip-hop. Even the tables glow.

The windows offer up views of the neighbourhood – sit and watch basketball being played in the courts next door, or look out towards the towering skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Drinks are affordable, and the menu offers everything from hops to bottles of bubbly. You can also grab some food, with snacks including chips, wings and chicken tikka (although whether you’ll want to go to a club for chicken tikka is another matter entirely). If you’re more inclined to hit the kebab shop on the way home, on a Friday, you get 25 percent off at Ravi’s across the road after a night out in the club.

The music policy mainly centres around hip-hop, R&B and dancehall, although on Friday nights, the Deep Crates Cartel take over with a mix of funk, dubstep, and everything else in between. This is a great place to mix up your week.

The Bottom Line
If you’re after for an eclectic night out, look no further than Las Vegas.


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