Miss Lily’s

Get swept away to the Caribbean at this lively bar and restaurant

Don’t let the chilly reception from the hostesses deceive you – this might just be one of the most fun, laid-back bars at the northern end of the city.

Decked out in bold hues of green, yellow, black and red, with huge speakers lining the walls and a medley of old-school reggae, dancehall and R&B washing over the room, it doesn’t get more Caribbean than this on the coast of the UAE. Fitting, perhaps, for Time Out Dubai’s Best North American & Caribbean restaurant 2018. Despite the eye-popping colour scheme, the décor is actually fairly low-key, with cafeteria-style seating and benches for diners. A bar snakes through the main (and delightfully miniscule) dining room, and it’s from here you can – and absolutely should – order some of Miss Lily’s’ famed mixed drinks.

A pitcher of the “dutty” grape in particular is the optimum cooling antidote if you’ve slathered too much scotch bonnet mayo on your crispy fish tacos (which you should absolutely not miss).

Unlike the welcome on the door (and over the phone, for that matter), service at the bar extremely aimable – so much so you’ll be tempted to linger long into the night.

And why not? There are far inferior ways to while away an evening…

The bottom line
A must-try.


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