La Cantine du Faubourg, Emirates Towers

Latest La Cantine du Faubourg review, contact details and opening hours. Discovr the bar food menu at this popular French restaurant at Emirates Towers

When it comes to style, most of the world looks towards Paris, and has done for centuries. So when a venue opens that comes straight from the 8th arrondissement, people are going to have certain expectations of how it should look and feel.

La Cantine Du Fauberg opened in Dubai in April last year and has been providing the kind of glitz and glamour you’d expect ever since. It’s a place for famous faces, not that they really shout about it. There are exhibitions of modern art on rotation and guest DJs provide cool beats for the chic crowd. It’s also accessible and has not one jot of snootiness about it.

It’s a pretty venue (helped by all that art, of course) that has two distinct areas. Inside are comfortable sofas and lounge seating and it’s where the DJ booth lives. It’s very relaxed during the day and has people dancing by night, as the volume and atmosphere gradually cranks up.

That space effortlessly moves into the more formal dining area, which is still relaxed, that opens up into a terrace when the weather allows.

The food is excellent here, as you’ll have read elsewhere in the magazine, but it’s also a brilliant nightspot, too.

The Bottom Line
Very chic, affordable and buzzing.


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