A Mexican wrestling-themed bar that knows how to party

You can hear Luchador 11 floors before you see it.

The sounds of Latin beats waft down from the rooftop terrace, which sits above the pool deck on the ground floor, breaking up the poolside serenity.

But no-one’s complaining, because it’s empty down there. Everyone’s upstairs on the terrace at Luchador.

The sound really hits you when the lift doors open in front of a wall lined with Mexican wrestling masks, and it’s the sound of a full-on party.

We’re walked in by a flamboyant man still wearing his sequinned costume from the bar’s salsa class. And it’s 9pm, midweek, but the place is packed.

Inside it’s a vibrant patchwork of colour and bright lights, with traditional folk patterns subtly accenting the buzzy interior.

The party spills out onto that terrace, which boasts glorious views over the sea, where people sip reasonably priced drinks – hops go for Dhs40 and mixed drinks Dhs50.

We’ve already raved about how authentic and great the food is at Luchador, but the nightlife here is on a whole other level.

So get on your best wrestling mask and get ready to party.

The bottom line
It’s loud, it’s vibrant, it’s fun. Go now.


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