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Some of the most powerful figures in Dubai's clubland talk about the city's newest nightspots


Manal Abbasi, Elegante’s Marketing and Promotions Manager talks Time Out through the new club

Where is it?
Royal Ascot Hotel, Khalid Bin Walid Road.

What did it used to be?
A Russian restaurant called Theatrium.

What’s the venue like?
It’s an upscale club operating on two levels, with high ceilings, mirrored walls, a vibrant purple and gold colour scheme and capacity for 1,300 people. The dance floor is the largest in the downtown area.

What regular nights do you have?
Tuesdays are Sangria nights, when we play house, hip hop and R&B. On Wednesdays, DJ Paul Hamilton will be playing house, while Thursdays are our Global Night, when DJ Cowboy laces in Arabic tracks among the house, R&B and hip hop. Finally, resident DJ Nick Tohme plays R&B on our Royal Friday nights.

Any other special reasons to visit?
Absolutely! We’ll be hosting some great international top 10 DJs once a month, every month. And Time Out will know first, as soon as we have them confirmed.

What makes Elegante different from other clubs in Dubai?
We have special stage shows, belly dancers, a crazy fog effect that comes down from the ceiling and all sorts of additional entertainment. Our slogan says it best: ‘Elegance has a new night address’.

Open 10pm-3am (closed Saturday to Monday), free., 050 962 4222.

Mohamed Jamal, owner of Tribe, gives us the scoop on the new venue

Where is it?
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road.

What did it used to be?
An auditorium, which became Ice Lounge for six months.

How is it different from before?
We have a huge 17x10 metre dancefloor with VIP tables on the corners, a new sound system and a laser system, introducing blue light which hasn’t been seen elsewhere in Dubai. The dancefloor is made of steel, which is shiny – but don’t worry, it’s not slippery!

When did you open?
On New Year’s Eve. We had a Kandy Club night featuring RDB and Rishi Rish, which was a massive success.

Which regular nights do you have?
On Tuesdays we run an R&B night; Wednesdays are 80s Traffic Jam night; Thursdays are Kandy Club nights while Fridays are Friction, which we’re launching with The Hoxton Whores this week. Saturdays are Titli nights (Butterfly in Hindi), the first Indian Ladies’ Night in Dubai. Club members can get 25 per cent off drinks.

Describe the Tribe crowd.
The people who enjoyed the Kandy Club nights we used to hold on Thursdays at the Fairmont. We’re hoping to channel the medium and upper class clubbers; those who expect special treatment, such as tables and so on. We think people will be impressed by the new decoration, as it’s completely different for Dubai.

Open 10pm-3am (closed Sunday & Monday), various entrance fees.

Kazeen presents Plus Minus Sessions
Adrian Galea and Adrian Grech from Kazeen Events explain their new regular nights

Submarine, every Thursday.

Why Submarine as a venue?
We wanted something new, and we liked the scale and style of Submarine at first sight. It’s a brand new venue with a unique car park entrance that adds to the ‘underground’ club feel, which we and our crowd like. The interior design reflects the name Submarine and has a cool industrial finish. The layout of the club is well organised, including a large bar, a social area, a good-sized dance floor, state of the art light effects, and a balanced sound system throughout.

Who are the Plus Minus Sessions resident DJs?
They’re all members of Kazeen DJ Agency. Plus Minus Sessions will be featuring resident DJs S.I.N. (Malta), Darren Lewis (Malta), Mark Chambers (UK/UAE), Raxon (UAE), Ed (India) and Dan (Australia) – are all magnificent DJs who have played several times at our past events. All Kazeen DJs have vast local and international experience. The music varies between tech house, minimal and Detroit tech with some progressive, cutting-edge electro basslines.

What will make the Kazeen nights different from all the others in Dubai?
Plus Minus Sessions are very music driven. We pride ourselves on playing the latest sounds in dance music and focus a lot on our resident DJ talent. Our crowd supports quality music and we always have a friendly, easy-going atmosphere. What also makes Kazeen events different from others is that we regularly hold themed parties, outdoor events and pool parties in various locations on special dates in the calendar year, such as Halloween and Christmas Eve.

Will you be getting many more international acts over?
We definitely plan to include more international guests in the Plus Minus Sessions DJ line-up at future events, starting off with Zurich-based DJ, Shadi Megalla, this Thursday. There’s also lots planned with our DJ agency. Our website,, is set to be launched this month, which will allow visitors to download monthly mixes, photos and videos from any of our events, so stay tuned!

Every Thursday, 10pm-3am, free before midnight, Dhs50 after,, 050 551 0379.

Reema Haikal, Keva’s promoter chats us through the lounge’s new night

Keva, Wednesdays, 10pm-3am.

What’s Retrophilia all about?
Retrophilia basically means ‘for the love of anything retro’, which sums up our night just right. We’ll play cool funky 60s 70s and 80s music. Regular retro nights are few and far between in Dubai, so we thought we’d plug the gap.

Who’s the resident DJ?
Keva’s new resident is DJ Ami, who’s played around the world, including Delhi, Hong Kong and Paris. His typical sound is house, R&B, retro and electro. You can catch him every Tuesday for ladies’ night, Wednesday at Retrophilia and Friday at Ethnika. On The Corner with DJ Solo will return to Fridays from the middle of January. He fuses soul, hip hop and jazz and creates a night that’s very different to those you normally find in Dubai.

What makes Keva’s nights different?
The difference is thatyou can come for dinner, relax in the lounge or have fun at the bar with Dubai’s finest bar men. Keva is more of a lounge than neighbouring Chi; somewhere you can go and chill out.

What kind of crowd are you aiming to attract?
Young, trendy and cosmopolitan.

Any special events planned?
We’re looking to get some live singers in, which, of course, Time Out will be the first to know about.

Wednesday, 10pm-3am, free,, 04 334 4159.

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