My Bar: The Red Lion

The brains behind Dubai’s best bars tell all. From the best nights, to the crowd to expect

In a new series for we’ve rounded up the men and women behind Dubai’s drinking scene and asked them about their beloved bars.

This week, Issam Nizam, General Manager of The Red Lion at The Metropolitan tells us what’s to love about his watering hole…

Issam, describe your bar in three words…
“Old. English. Pub. In fact, we’re the oldest English pub in Dubai. Sorry, that’s more than three.”

What makes it great?

“Since 1978, this was the first English pub along this side of the creek. Guests who visited on the very first day of the opening still come here with fond memories of the good old days of Dubai and continue to share the bar with newcomers. It’s a friendly and relaxed place and there’s an outdoor space to suit families in the day.”

Which is the best night?
“Hmmm that’s tricky. Saturday night, you can watch live football and rugby matches, Monday’s quiz night and Tuesday’s karaoke, so maybe they’re the top nights to try.”

Describe the crowd in three words…
“Warm, friendly, and sociable”

Any hot offers we should know about?
“There are prizes on Tuesday for the best karaoke singer, and we do buckets of bottled drinks for special prices if you’re in a group.”

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