Moe’s on the 5th

Well-balanced flavours, cool décor and excellent service

The new bar and bistro on the fifth floor of the Sheraton Grand Hotel has an air of New York about it. It’s a stylish place, where an eclectic mix of tunes, many of which are jazzy renditions of popular hits throughout the decades, set the tone for a sophisticated, but fun, evening out in Dubai.

As you enter, a large, central bar greets you and you can grab a stool and spend the rest of your evening there, chatting to the seriously friendly bar staff. The décor is all dark wood, grey slates and brass accents. There are cosy booths boasting comfortable leather chairs, and a second bar with a more bench and stool-style seating.

Anywhere you sit, you’re surrounded by artful, framed photographs of celebrities past and present.

We choose to perch ourselves at the main bar, where we quickly make friends with the manager, who is clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about his craft. He explains his drinks menu, and introduces us to his own, currently-off-the-menu creations, which he makes with real care.

It’s the mixed drinks menu that’s a highlight here. Unique infusions are hidden in every nook – we’re shown a sumac-infused Russian beverage, given a balanced drink mixed with onion brine, and we sample a short beverage that comes with cinnamon smoke.

As for the food – the menu is elegant and small, if a little uninspiring, but the flavours are fantastic. The steak wows us with its quality, and it has been cooked flawlessly.

The lobster linguine, too, is great dish – rich, well-balanced and has an edge of smokiness that’ll linger for hours, like the memory of this hot, new, must-visit spot.

The bottom line
This is where the cool cats should hang out.


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